Pre-Owned: Trendway Choices Workstations

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Steelcase – Avenir – 6×6 Workstations

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Let’s Get back to BasiX. If you are looking for a system that will allow you to cater to the productivity needs of your employees as well as the image your company projects, as well as coming in below budget – BasiX is the smart choice for you. Great quality....

Koncept Lighting

About Koncept With years of manufacturing and industrial design experience, the founders established Koncept in 2002 to design and develop innovative products for home and business. The company has since developed a line of elegant LED lamps and lighting elements with the discriminating consumer in mind. Not only have consumers...

Via 3Dee: Active-Office-Chair

3Dee Active-Office-Chair, is not simply ergonomic, but three-fold dynamic. The 3Dee Active-Office-Chair is the first of its kind, and the result of absolute consistency – in engineering just as in design. Its 3D movement – horizontal, vertical and forward tilt – is designed to deliver more well being, more energy,...

Source Seating

Integrity Interior Solutions and Source.   Established in 1982 Source International specializes in creating contract seating for customers seeking a blend of sophisticated design, environmental responsibility, and realistic pricing. We seek out innovative product designers from around the world to help create our portfolio of seating products.

Phoenix Files and Safes

Integrity Interior Solutions is proud to now offer Phoenix Safe International, LLC     Nothing destroys pasts and threatens futures faster than fire. Fire is the most common disaster to befall businesses, forcing nearly half of those affected to close forever. Vital records and data also can burn up in minutes, irreplaceable through insurance. Phoenix...

Rightangle – VerSIT™

Integrity Interior Solutions and VerSIT™       VerSIT™ provides a comfortable point of-care mobile workstation ideal for extended shifts that are typical for many healthcare workers. VerSIT™, height adjustable mobile workstation with unique built-in compact seating, allows multiple users the ability to choose an adjustable worksurface height for standing or sitting as time permits.

LUXO – The right light

Integrity Interior Solutions is proud to now offer LUXO Lighting Products.   Enlightening people with the right light Light influences people. The right lighting solutions help create the experience of comfortable, flexible and stimulating working environments.For 70 years Luxo has designed innovative ergonomic lighting products and concepts, aiming to provide...

Stance Healthcare

Integrity Interior Solutions is proud to offer Stance Healthcare Products. We are pleased to introduce Stance Healthcare Inc, a Canadian manufacturer of healthcare furniture products of the highest standard of quality. Besides our understanding of healthcare environments and the furnishings that create them, there are three features that set our...


Integrity Interior Solutions offers Neocase for your Healthcare, Laboratory, Commercial, and Education millworks needs.   Welcome to Neocase: a new way to look at bringing people, resources and workspaces together. Designed and manufactured by the company that continues to re-define the promise and potential of modular casework, Neocase products offer...


Integrity Interior Solutions is proud to partner with Madseating.

FabriTRAK® – A Visually Sound Solution

Integrity Interior Solutions is a provider of FabriTRAK® – A Visually Sound Solution     The FabriTRAK® System is used to create acoustically decorative walls and ceilings in virtually any look desired. FabriTRAK® is considered the industry leader in using fabric as an architectural finish for sound control.

Trendway Feek™

Integrity Interior Solutions is a Trendway FEEK Dealer Meet Feek. You’re going to love this fun, comfortable, reconfigurable and highly durable coated foam offering. Distinct designs, bold colors, and charming shapes bring Feek Fundamentals to life. And you’ll appreciate how Feek fits in almost anywhere! Create your collaborative space. Design your brainstorming...

Lencore Spectra® Sound Masking

Integrity Interior Solutions offers Lencore Spectra® Sound Masking The purpose of sound masking is to achieve both Speech Privacy and Comfort. Sound Masking introduces a spectrum of noise which gently raises the ambient background sound in order to cover, or mask, speech. Speech Privacy is achieved by raising the noise...

Allseating – Foster Collection

Integrity Interior Solutions is proud to introduce the Foster collection by Allseating.   The wait for well-designed, well-priced healthcare furniture is over.


We are proud to now offer Okamura Products! Active Workplaces Okamura’s vision for the offices of the future is of spaces which consistently promote a high level of creativity and intellectual involvement. Active Offices®, are attractive environments which have been designed to act as the strategic hub for intellectually creative...

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